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Granite Surfaces in Newcastle

Granite, being a strong and intensely durable material, a stone which is reputable in nature. The only material that is harder and more condensed than granite is, in fact, diamond. Our professionals have to use diamond to actually cut our granite kitchen worktops in Newcastle. The increasing popularity of granite as primary pick among kitchen countertop surfaces is a reflection on the material.

We supply and fit Granite worktops, Quartz worktops, Marble worktops, glass splashbacks and hard surfaces.

Below are a few of it’s many advantages:

  • durable and scratch resistant
  • water and stain proof
  • low-maintenance and easily cleaned
  • maintains a polished look
  • very low porosity causes it to be really hygienic
  • diverse patterns, shades and colours allow it to be great for design
  • granite worktops really add value to your home

Here at RO Surfaces, our experts hand-pick all slabs to guarantee our customers get the very best quality granite worktops in Newcastle. We provide the most innovative methods of surface enhancement, including wet polishing.

Marble Surfaces Newcastle

Used in kitchens throughout the UK for quite some time, marble surfaces in Newcastle provide a unique and expensive look. The work tops themselves are quickly cleaned, well finished and functional. It carries a classic aesthetic all year round, with the naturally coloured and veined stone really complimenting your designs, whether in bathroom or kitchen.

Because of its hitting appearance, more and more people are opting for marble worktops in Newcastle for their bathrooms and kitchens, and choosing from the range of colours, from the popular Carrara – white with grey veining – which is so often featured in kitchens, to beige, black, brown, yellow, cream and even red.

Quartz Surfaces in Newcastle

Quartz is amongst the hardest and toughest raw stones found in nature, when processed for use it becomes what is called an engineered stone, a man made or composite material. At RO Surfaces, our quartz surfaces in Newcastle are a created from natural quartz and mica with a resin, and finished with a colourant.

The end product is an outstanding looking worktop which will stand the test of time. In truth, this particular composite material has such durable and functional physical properties that it’s popular use is not only limited to kitchen worktops in Newcastle and vanity tops, but reaches to affluent hotel reception desks and dinning establishments.

The quartz worktop is, like all of our material selections, very easily sculpted by our team of specialists. Obtainable in a variety of colours and styles, this type of stone type is great if your are inclined towards a plain colour, that said there are various styles offered. On all our quartz worktops in Newcastle we offer an array of finishes, from the standard high polish finish to textured or honed. By the time installation is complete, you’ll have a beautiful worktop that plays the part as much as looks the part.