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Marble is well known throughout all of Europe for it’s wonderful qualities. Covetously fought over by the ancient civilisations, it was often mined and extracted in Croatia or Italy and used by architectural or sculptural plans, many of which still stand the test of time, thousands of years on. that very same marble is one of the selection of premium quality material selections we offer as a company. Only the best stone will do. Marble is a metamorphic rock, formed by the transformation of limestone. It’s available in a variety of colours and types in it’s raw form but is continually a tough and rich material.

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Marble worktop Benefits.


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Marble Worktops

Used in kitchens throughout the UK for quite some time, marble worktops in Newcastle provide a unique and expensive look. The work tops themselves are quickly cleaned, well finished and functional. It carries a classic aesthetic all year round, with the naturally coloured and veined stone really complimenting your designs, whether in bathroom or kitchen.

Because of its hitting appearance, more and more people are opting for marble worktops in Newcastle for their bathrooms and kitchens, and choosing from the range of colours, from the popular Carrara – white with grey veining – which is so often featured in kitchens, to beige, black, brown, yellow, cream and even red.


Here at RO Surfaces, we import our marble straight from Spain, Italy and Portugal, and our directors regularly visit the quarries to make sure the high quality of the stone is maintained for our customers. And every worktop is bespoke to your requirements, factory sealed using Stain-Stop to take care of the beautiful finish, and installed by our expert team for a professional finish.